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Best National Defence Academy (NDA) Medical Tests/Examinations For Girls


Check the list of medical tests faced by womanish campaigners appearing for the NDA, CDS, AFCAT test and SSB interview.

NDA physical and medical norms are mentioned in the  UPSC NDA announcement. Girls who are preparing for the NDA test and SSB interview must fulfill all the medical criteria listed below. Girls who’ll clear the NDA SSB interview have to go for a medical examination, in the case of womanish campaigners some special tests are done, and grounded on that campaigners are declared as medical fit or unfit. All the physical and medical conditions listed there have to be fulfilled by the campaigners.

Still, you must be medically fit, if you’re womanish defence applicants and looking forward to joining the national defence academy. In this composition, we’re going to talk about the medical test for nda for womanish campaigners. General styles and principles of medical examination of womanish campaigners will be the same as for manly campaigners. Still, special points pertaining to the medical examination of womanish campaigners are given in succeeding paragraphs.

Special Medical Tests for NDA Girl Campaigners

  • A detailed menstrual, gynecological and obstetric history in the form of a questionnaire is to be attained from the seeker.
  • A detailed physical and systemic examination will be carried out of the seeker and she should be examined by a lady medical officer or a lady gynecologist only.

How to Prepare for NDA Test and SSB Interview?

The examination must include the following examinations

  •  external genitalia.
  •  hernial perforations and the perineum.
  •  any substantiation of stress urinary incontinence or genital prolapsed outside introitus.
  • substantiation of lump bone and galactorrhoea.

In all unattached womanish campaigners, speculum or per vaginal examination won’t be carried out. Ultrasound checkup of the tummy and pelvis is obligatory in all womanish campaigners during the original medical examination.

Any abnormality of external genitalia will be considered on graces of each case. Significant hirsutism especially with manly pattern of hair growth along with radiological substantiation of pcos, will be a cause for rejection.

NDA Girls Medical Unfit Reasons

  • Primary or secondary amenorrhoea
  •  severe menorrhagia or/ and severe dysmenorrhea.
  •  stress urinary incontinence
  • natural extension of cervix or prolapsed which comes outside the introitus indeed after corrective surgery.
  • gestation will be a cause of rejection for NDA entry.
  • complex ovarian tubercle of any size.
  • simple ovarian tubercle further than six cm.
  • endometriosis and adenomyosis.
  • submucous fibroid of any size.
  • broad ligament or cervical fibroid of any size causing pressure over ureter.
  • single fibroid uterus further than three cm in periphery; fibroids further than two in number (each fibroid not further than fifteen mm in periphery) or fibroids causing deformation of endometrial depression.
  •  natural uterine anomalies except arcuate uterus.
  • acute or habitual pelvic infection.
  • diseases of sexual isolation.
  • any other condition will be considered on graces of each case by the gynaecologist

 The ensuing conditions will be declared as FIT

  • Unilocular clear ovarian tubercle up to six cm
  • Minimum fluid in poke of Douglas

Medical fitness after laparoscopic surgery or laparotomy. Campaigners reporting after witnessing cystectomy or myomectomy will be accepted as fit if she’s asymptomatic, ultrasound pelvis is normal, histopathology of apkins removed is benign and per operative findings aren’t suggestive of endometriosis. Fitness will be considered twelve weeks after laparoscopic surgery and when the crack has healed completely. Seeker will be considered fit after laprotomy one time after the surgical procedure.

To be supposed ‘medically fit’, a seeker must be in good physical and internal health and free from any complaint/ pattern/ disability likely to intrude with the effective performance of military duties in any terrain, climate, season incl ocean and air, in remote areas, in austere conditions with no medical aid. Seeker also should be free of medical conditions which bear frequent visit to medical installations and use of any aid/ medicines.

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